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[16 Feb 2007|03:03am]
Soooo Yesterday was my birthday and I had alot of fun and i am 20 now and i have an uuuugly car its very ugly and I named it brutus which kinda fits lol

well i got to spend the night with chelsey and it was oh so wonderful and she took me to the cheesecake factory and bought me a cheesecake and made me 4 pretty cards and gave me lots of stuffed animules and a cowpillow and she made me some awesome cd's ^_^ i love her she is so wonderful and we got to spend the night together and it was wonderful we need to live together already i lost my wallet!!!! im sooo pissed it had 40 dollars in it and everything and its pissing me off and im so mad im gonna stab someone with a spatula and stuff damnit!!! rawr im so mad

well im bored with this whole posting thing today was awesome yesterday was also awesome and yeah im happy so yay boo rocks my world lol night everyone
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Yo fo shizzle my nizzle [03 Feb 2007|01:00am]
Im so bored i could chew my leg off yeah

all i do is work its no fun it makes baby jesus cry :( like that see sad faces arent good thing waaaaah and booh is always asleep except for tonight tonight was really good and it was happy and i just felt good chelsey should be in a good mood more often it makes for nice nights and good times
Im talking to jeremiah and thats fun he always makes me think of zack galifiniakis and thats just always good lol
jeremiah is my buddy i missed him while he was away well for now i am having agood time work is boring im a floor supervisor which no one who isnt one understands how much stress it is to have to answer directly to the managers for everyone elses actions but its alot of stress to worry about everything on the floor and how long the lines are etc etc etc

yeah but its better than getting cold and pushing carts so i dont complain but sometimes id just rather run a register or run uscan or something but yeah life is good times are fun i need to do english work tomorrow or something well who knows but yeah im bored and stuff so goodnight lj ill get back to you sooner than i did last time
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something like a dream [24 Dec 2006|04:48am]
I am tired and bored and my head is fuzzy idk why but it is and thats life im wishing i was in my room asleep since its 345 and tomorrow is a big day for me between work, boo and tomorrow nights festivities but itll all be fun and ima have a good day because hell I deserve it!! and im good at that sort of thing and boo leaves me nice comments on myspace and they make me smle and thats a very very good thing for boo to make me do cuz that makes me happy!!! like RAWR and happies and i love my boo oh so very much she is oh so pretty and nice and wonderfulz and i love what i got her for her xmas present
cuz it rocks and so does she and i need to get her another present and yeah im happy yay!!!

but yeah i better go night night

ps..... i love boo ... shh its a secret rawrzors
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Jerkish [23 Nov 2006|04:34am]
[ mood | cold ]

Chelsey and Ramon hate me and it makes me feel like crap but you know I've felt like crap alot lately I suck way too much and I love chelsey and I love Ramon (ramon= stuffed penguin)

Shes been too nice to me today i know she still hates me but its scarey how nice shes been she made sure i didnt walk home cold and stuff like that i just i feel i dont deserve it and im going to do my best to make sure i do something to deserve it and make this up to her....

she means more to me than anything in the whole world and i fucked it up beyond belief and its just so stupid of me im such a dumb asshole how could i do this to her its just so wrong and bad and i just cant stand myself im gonna make sure nothing like this ever happens again nothing anywhere close to it im going to write everynight either about my day or stuff like that and let her ask questions Im gonna make this up to her one way or the other im going to prove that i can be trusted because i cant live without that beautiful soul and those hauntingly wonderful eyes and that beautiful smile

I need her shes too important to waste I love her with everything Ive got and some I dont

I just hope she doesnt leave me completely :(

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[25 Sep 2006|01:11am]
[ mood | chipper ]

It's been oh so long since i started chelsey and alot has changed but one thing hasnt.... shes meanlol no im kidding shes not mean but the thing that hasnt changed is that I love her. I love her alot even if she doesnt want to kiss me because i understand why she doesnt.

alot of things have happened to us good and bad but I figure if we were going to break up it wouldve happened at least once by now if not more

she makes me happy when she smiles at me or makes those cute noises or gets all excited about dilbert or when shes all excited about her new underwear lol

thats really cute i miss her and shes only been gone a few hours lol thats pretty bad isnt it lol
shes so much fun we always do all kinds of crazy things and im glad she lieks some of my friends cuz my friends rock alot and i need friends you know and i need my girlfriend to like some of them and she does so i love her more because my friends are cool and she rocks and yeah I love her

shes so much fun and shes still the cutest thing in the world especially when im trying to push her off the bed and stealing her pillows because they are MY pillows RAWR and idk she just makes me feel happy inside just happy ... when i dont want to kill her and sometimes even then she makes me happy

Im glad im still with her and now shes wondering what im doing im sure she just imed me lol we are going to the zoo tomorrow and im going to have fun with her and we will pet animuuuules and see giraffes and itll be oh so much fun and i bought her a DS as a testament of my love she better like it lol we have a doggy named winston lol and another doggy named napoleon but all that fit was napolan lol so that sucked but our doggy rocks and i love it lol yay doggys but boo likes her new toy and i have a game for its so thats cool and idk im just glad shes happy most of the time.

I love the way she looks at me and the feeling I get when she rubs the back of my neck :) lol i like it when she runs her fingers through my hair :P lol im a dork but i guess i still love that girl lol shes puuuure evil lol evil


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[23 Sep 2006|02:14am]
[ mood | creative ]

so as forthe last entry I think it was pretty good if It hadnt died

I so bought a nintendo DS today and it rocks itll rock a whole lot more in a few months cuz games im looking forward to are coming out and thatll make me a very happy camper like a zelda game and more castlevania games and all kinds of cool stuff but its chelseys DS but i got black so I can still play it
when i want one if the dont have cooler colors out ill just buy a pink one and give it to her for hers ... unless she drops it lol

well ok im bored ive had the last two days off and have no idea when i have to be at work tomorrow but i think i work late or thats what chelsey says i cant find the paper i just went and looked for it and i got no such luck i just accidently typoed suck and then lick .... i think i need head lol thats funny im not horny today i havent been all day its kind of wierd

We watched the wicker man the old one and it was pretty good then i watched some wrestling after i took chelsey home... it was fun and now im sitting here looking for DS games I want

today was a pretty good day i got up late and skipped my math class but chelsey went to hers so im proud i need to study the math i missed over the weekend because math is important lol you want me to call you I will

Im in a good mood today and I got alot of rest i think the reason ive been having bad days lately is because i was grumpy and tired and worn out so ill have fun at work tomorrow its wierd having two days off in a row

lol chelsey can hear me typing and shes tellin gme i better wake up early or be up tomorrow i think ill just stay up all night cuz its easier but idk sleep is good and it makes me happy

Well this is fun I like my boo im glad a bought her a DS so she can have her nintendogs lol she likes it so good for her lol I guess it looks ok but ill stick to castelvania and megaman lol i remember the original games lol of both of those and they kicked ass well im gonna go be naustalgic and find cool games for cheap ill write more tomorrow ... or the next day

my boo rocks

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yeah [20 Sep 2006|02:55am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I wrote this long thoughtful entry that took me an hour or more and then i went to post it and had to resent my password and when i hit Ctrl+C i erased it cuase i had it saved on my coppy function im pissed im going to kill this thing i had a paste board on my laptop

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[28 Aug 2006|12:10am]
Well hi
college is hard .... well not really hard but i dont have everything i need I need more money and I need it soon
After tennesee all im doing is car trying to get a car cuz i really really need one. but other than that im alright

after i have all my books and materials and stuff Im going to save save save and stuff
for next semester

I feel kind of stressed but this little weekend off will be what i really need time to get centered with chelsey and focus on school stuff I need to finish my lab and stuff crap if forgot ill be up doing that shit tonight well im gonna go do that or think about doing that yeah well bye
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[15 Aug 2006|02:06am]
Well hi Im wathcing x-files
its great
you know whats great
chelsey you know whats scary college we need a car soo effin bad so we can get back and forth to college and work
which is scary college and getting there its so many obligation so little time so little transportation
very scary yeah i have no idea how we are getting from place to place but it ought to be fun
i can walk to school
or ride a bike

that would work
but we both have to get to work everyday
but i spose we can probably use chels moms car alot for school
but yeah im going to school its scary but im kinda proud

im the first one in my family to go to college lol

idk why no one else went its easy to get in ...

im scared about my financial aid at the very least they owe me a fucking loan or ill kick their asses yeah

or just be really upset

i love my boo we are in classes together im so proud lol

math is different but thats ok
we will be in completely different classes soon but yeah

im proud of her too
we've done our parts
now its everyone elses turn to come through for us
jsarge and the sate needs to come through for me and her parents need to come through for her

yeah so we are sitting .... waiting... and wishing i guess


its totally gotta happen I cant wait ... ps I hate working alot

pps I miss my lovely cookie cuz she is the most beautiful cookie in the whole wide world
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Today [30 Jul 2006|11:41pm]
Today was alot of work we were so busy we had giant lines form when i got there at 2 till about 9pm

it wasnt much fun
but the day went really really fast and it was horrible so i was happy to be home and im in a good mood tonight so yay
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Hi [30 Jul 2006|12:45am]
sooo i went and saw clerks II today it was good, i Work way to much and its really sucking and i need to ask lynn about it.

Chelsey is mad at me and i feel like shes mad at me all the time and i barely ever see her and when i do shes mad and I dont know I dont get much attention even when i ask for it I need a backrub I ahvent had a good backrub in awhile....

That would be nice and some time off to spend with boo

man Itll be kind of nice next week cuz i work mornings
saturday is gonna suck
like today sucked
in fact my whole week sucked
I work to much
its supposed to be part time
i need the money
but part-time would be nicer
like 30 hours
or 25
chelsey is upset and making me feel bad
i know its not on purpose
but she wont see me tomorrow
and i wont see her either
it makes me mad

but yeah it sucks
ill try to see her on tuesday and monday i think i can probably pick her up from work and i know i can get her a ride to it

then i can see her after work for a little bit and thatll be nicer than tomorrow will be

sometimes i really think she blames this all on me but i know she doesnt or at least i hope she doesnt
its not something i can control not after its posted
and i had no idea i was getting this many hours but hey thats life at least its my life right now
it wont be for much longer soon im going to talk to lynn about it I have a few days i cant work

i need to get ahold of the wishbook
and you know tell lynn i cant work a few days in particular
i wish i had told work more days off a week
i told them iw as looking for 25-30 hours when i got the job so i should see if i can get it cut back alittle
cuz yeah its putting alot of stress on me and stuff
and thats not cool
at all
I'm really fricken bored and tired
so im going to go to bed now
or in a few

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boo [02 Jul 2006|10:21pm]
hi I just wanted to take the time to say that boo is acting gay tonight .. and its cute
and shes wearing a boo shirt.. and now now she is asleep on the phone and thats cute too... in fact i just love my boo my cookie is the nicest bestest most wonderfullest person i know and we are gonna have lots of fun when mommy is out of town lol we can play house! lol itll be fun and good cuz i love chelsey cuz she rocks ... alot


I had orientation today im gonna start at kroger tomorrow and make 8.05 an hour and that is gonna rock my freakin socks but anywhos I can't wait till we move out Part of me wants it to just be me and her and another part of me thinks it would be easier with casey around but I'm not sure i think me and chelsey could settle for alot less than casey could with her dog and all and it would be kind of nice to .... feel like chelsey was my significant other.. to feel like me and her were our own seperate family itd be good but you know we can't leave casey out in the cold and i've got a whole life to be with chelsey lol But i do love her and she is awesome and im gonna miss her SOOOOOO MUCH IM GOING TO CRY EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL DAY
Missing her will just be way to much for me to take because I love my boo way too much for my own good!!!!


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STUFFS [02 Jun 2006|12:32am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hi everyone... when i say everyone i mean the few people who actually read this... i need a new icon.... lol but other than that my day was good i had to talk chelseys mom down and between me backing chelsey up and chelsey being so close to graduationg and patrick mustve said something to her about ragging on chelsey and maybe just my being around today wasnt nearly as bad as expected and i was rather pleased with the way it ended i gave my boo a rubdown and she felt better so i hope i helped shes got her last official school day tomorrow and witha ny luck at all she wont have to go back next monday and then after that shell be a graduate like me lol ill be so pround and shell probably at least mildly more hospitable after this pressure is off and when she finishes getting college stuff in order... god knows ill be happy haha. well I have alot on my mind i have GOT to call jsarge tomorrow

and give them my efc
then i have tof ind something out with transcripts and stuff cuz i really need those to get into jsarge and i need to finish all this up and register for classes and get books all of which is going to cost me a might sum of money im sure.... but hopefully the funding will be alot or something idk tho im not sure how thats going to work out im just trying not to worry about it and ive been doing pretty good about not thinking about it till ive got everything else in order tho im sure i need a job for funding but jsarge is pretty damned cheap so i should be alright and stuff.

My heads been pretty cool and calm lately i got a little irritated today but theres no helping that especially with the amount of pressure chelsey had riding on her. but thats alitttle better now and i need some new pants cool pants and some jeans and some other stuff too and yeah im bored and im alittle tired but not too much really but im gonna try to go to bed cuz im sure i need tog et up tomorrow to take that thing of mine to school not many times ill have to do that! but ill miss seeing her so early and waking her up when i get to and stuff cuz shes so cute and nice when shes asleep lol...

well i need a job im hoping i can get one at kroger or CVS and stuff cuz i just need the extra money and i want to get a job and hold it more than a few months and stuff cuz michaels was seasonal but i need some good long term track record in the way of jobs and stuff well ... thats enough for now ta ta and bye bye

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Yeah [23 May 2006|06:04am]
I had the strangest dream last night it was just really fucking wierd and it was kinda sad and Im just hoping i dont remember it later
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[16 May 2006|04:47pm]
Sooo I just got back from tennessee and I met and all chelseys family and i really like them ... except for william .... who must die josh evidently joined the faggot haters club which is kind of dumb lol but its ok cuz hes funny ... we went to her aunt robyns grave and i actually kind of liked that but the puppy ruined our moment which wouldve been sweet but htats ok cuz the puppy is really cute casey bought a lil puppy basset hound and i got to name it tinkbelle and we bought it stuff and casey spent alot of money on puppy and us and umm pals rocks and ronny is funny and her pepaw likes me and all her old ladies like me and i like them and umm idk I just had alot of funs he bought me knife and I loves it alot and i bought her a ring that was cheap and she liked it and we had fun and we had this one really nice night where we did stuff but the nice part was after where we stayed up and just talked and you know had a really nice time and i got to ride a horsey and i think chels was really impressed and it was really nice and stuff and i drove the whole way back and you know i just really really really liked tennessee it kind reminded me of WV i think i just dont like virginia but it was alot of fun and joyce and ronny are really hospitable and stuff and you know it was a perfect little trip i think i hope chels thinks so too well i gues im done witht his for now everyone loves the puppy
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[07 May 2006|10:42pm]
ooooh pretty update thingy look I am typing things into the update window ..... oh no... the horror no mommy livejournal scares me

umm yeah haha today was really nice me and boo layed around and i teased her till she made me have sex with her... really its all her fault .... it really is in fact i blame it entirely on her! haha but i do love my boo so very much shes a very nice boo ... and i have all her gilmore girls haha which rocks i need to call DRS tomorrow REMIND ME and Jsarges financial aid office REMIND ME so i guess i really need to get on both of those fast the drs thing is more important yeah i think so mhm yeah gotta be cuz i really need to make this all go fast especially if i ever wanna retake my SATs i dont know if ill get the chance i should remember next time the only thing i can write when im stoned is poetry and turning in an essay that rhymes isnt a good idea even if you ace the math and science questions ... or nearly and ace the rest of the english lol

but thats ok i dont really smoke anything anymore

so i guess thats a good thing being clean and all lol

well anyways the point of this entry is supposed to be how very much i love my boo especially after tomorrow she is the most wonderfulest boo in the whole wide world
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hm [23 Apr 2006|10:55pm]
well Im about to leave for boo's house walking i guess i need the exercise

lol i guess ill write more later.
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[20 Apr 2006|09:21pm]
[ mood | horrified ]

OMG you gotta read this

I went to the park today, and we were walking around bryan park.

We started walking down the hill and that was where i saw something that has scarred me for life.

There he was, at first I thought he was sitting on a bench, he had a dog on a leash maybe some pitbull or boxer in it definately a mutt., but no he was'nt sitting on a bench he was squatting, then he saw me, he immeadiately started to stand and as he did something dropped from behind him and i realized he was also pulling up his pants.

He had just dropped a load in a public park..... we walked down to make sure and yes he had. then we walked back up to the car... and he walked past us and gave us this horrible look like
" you made me drop poo in my pants" lol it was this sideways glance like he was afraid to look at us

I mean as fast as he got up theres no way he had time to wipe and he probably shit in his pants its soooo disgusting god there were public restrooms CLOSER to his car that where he was given it may be cleaner outside but at least theres toilet paper in the restrooms geeze its so gross


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9 MONTHS [26 Mar 2006|12:01am]
Wow... I turn around and all of the sudden it's been like 9 fucking months. Like wow 9 months thats like more that 270 days like omfg!!!! 9 fucking months lol

ANNNNNNYWAAAAYS lol today was a good anniversary, we went to a celtic festival and i had fun and then we left and then we went home and laid around and stuff and then we started dancing lol and then we watched swing kids and I laid on my boo and it was fun cuz i like to lay on her cuz shes cute and special and loves lovey love love lol.... ::cuddles boo::

You rock my world boo!!!

It brings back alot of memories thinking of this 9 months thing

I remember when we started this thing and she was always so happy to see me and stuff and i remember going to falls hole and trying to catch you a fish it was oh so much fun i loved every minute of it and still doo

I had a real nice time today and well chelsey is just the awesome I mean shes not always nice but she is awesome lol

I love everything about her the way she says she hates to cuddle but then drags me down to force me into it

Lol shes just wonderful I love her i think i should go over to her house and abduct her and steal her and yeah

Steal boooooo I need boo she rocks and i want to cuddle with her and give her head cuz she rocks lol


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[18 Mar 2006|01:25am]
Lol HHHi everybooooody how are you

Im good thanks for caring ... have i mentioned lately ilove my booo!!!!!

Im bored i really need to get on with my fucking life

this community service makes me feel so fucking STUCK. i cant do anything till i finish it and i need a fucking job
i hope henrico or carmax calls me thatd be fuckign sweet

I'd love to work somewhere were i got paid real money and not fucking monopoly money

fucking 150-200 for two fuckin weeks that fucking sucks

im gonna have to borrow money to pay for my probation services which sucks cuz whoreface is the only one offering
and i dont like her very much cuz she sucks but hey as long as boo is happy me is happy cuz i love boo and boo is great and shes just awesome in general
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